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{April 7, 2008}   consequances of kegatal-ness.

2 weeks study leave. 2 major big-hit project for blogger.

no. 1 – redesign original blog and move back. hahaha! sorry lahh, my kegatal-ness hilang already, i miss that ol’ hack. owh i guess temporary lust doesn’t work for me. why am i so loyal?! =p and blog what happened for two months – march and april. i’ve got lotsa pictures actually, all uploaded to photobucket. bliss for you guys. =p

no. 2 – clean my pig sty room. which include many-many task i.e. take out all my clothings from the closet, filter it, means throw unwanted clothes or ugly clothes and refill it with new ones! that is if money drop down from the sky to me. *watery eyes* wipe every crook and nanny of my room. bahh! i hate this most, always ended up sneezing because of the thicker-than-my-skin dust. *sniffs* rearrange my study station e.g. arrange notes, books, unwanted papers. clean my shoes, which i never did in my whole life. seriously, back in primary and secondary school, i don’t wash school shoes, i buy new ones. hahaha! =p rearrange my magazines; they are taking up more space than my books for a-levels. wth. no way i’m throwing them though, they are a lifetime collection. since form 2, okay?!

so, there you go. a slight update. and the last post for this blog.

p.s : actually this blog got guna also. in case i want to kutuk anyone or curse them without wanting them to know, all i have to do is write with a protected password. muahahahahahahahaz! so, i shall keep it. for emergency use. *smirks*


{March 23, 2008}  

I’ve lost the oomph to blog, honestly. Lacked of pictures, lacked of the perks in entertaining.

Shit! I’m becoming boring.

Frankly, it’s all trials fault. (Owh well, one thing hasn’t changed though – blaming trials for everything. lolz!)

Off I go now, to sink myself into deep sleep in front of Biological Science and if I’m rajin, order McDelivery. Parents are off for dinner and left me alone. Boohoohoo~ =(

{March 16, 2008}   lausai.


Yesterday I was half day bed ridden with fever, headache and nausea, eating panadol and drinking tan ngan lo.

Today I lausai. Now, I have to stuff myself with 8 types of medicine my neighbourhood doctor gave me. And one of them is oral rehydration salt (PM4-ianz should know what is this for). Yuck!

Bahh! All trials fault. HMPH!

Shall go college tomorrow and protest with my pillow. =(

{March 15, 2008}   cause i’m leaving.

“So kiss me and smile for me,
Tell me that you’ll wait for me,
Hold me like you’ll never let me go,
Cause I’m leaving on a jet plane,
Don’t know when I’ll be back again,
Oh babe I hate to go!”

– Leaving on the Jet Plane, Chantal Kreviazuk.

Bloody Armageddon. Always, always reduced me to tears for every single time I watched it. *sniffs.


(Owh well, most of you already knew by now. For those people I missed out.)

You guys do know that for the whole past one month I’ve been contemplating on my universities decision – to go to the United States or Singapore. Yupez! Final decision came, I’m going over to the Land of Angmohlangs on August. Even signed the letter of intent tim (some contract-liked document).

No more teh o ais limau for me. No more BKT and CKT (bak kut teh and char koay teow). *sighs. So, while I’m still here, anyone hou sam wanna bring me around during my last 4 months here and eat all the Malaysian food I am gonna missed for the next 4 years of my life? *puppy eyes.

Meanwhile, I successfully bugged my parents for a trip before I leave. Teeheehee! =D To Bali or Chiang Mai? And, and, and, a trip to Pulau Redang! Man, I don’t care lahh PM4-ianz, you all die die also have to teman me go there. *pout lips. Then, Eli suggested a PM4 girls day out for shopping. Weeeee~ And SeeWei booked me for a couple of shopping outings. *watery eyes. Damn! Feeling so tak sampai hati right now.

I’m gonna miss you guys so, so much. *sobs.

Whatever it is, I’m booking all of you in advance. I don’t care you got date with do, re, mi, fa or so also you will have to fongfeikei them. 26th July, Saturday. Make sure you keep that day for me, okay?! Don’t you dare say you don’t know what’s on that day, I’ll whack you upside down. HMPH! =p

“Now the time has come to leave you.”

{March 13, 2008}   *stress*

In the verge of collapsing. =(

I don’t understand me. Why am I so provocative and stress about? It is just a bloody trials, ChangLiShin. You don’t even stress this hard for finals, so SCREW IT.

Okay. Maybe not screw it. Less taken by it? Yes, yes.

Out to McDonald’s and gobble down all their McFlurry to reduce my depression and stress level. do Mathematics past year papers.

I am annoyed. For the myriad times I reminded myself to study and do many many stuff that I’ve stacked up due to my inproductivity, and yet procrastination somehow possessed me like hell. Argh!

I’ve got so freaking pressured and frustrated because my body cannot obey my brain, I decided to punished it – by going to the gym and make them run on the threadmill in full speed for half an hour. Muahahaz! Whose the boss right now, huh?! wth. I sound like a maniac now.

Dumbo Bimbo DingDong Babeng Trials.

Must not let you pawn me.

{March 9, 2008}   sperm track.

Biology is getting interesting. Especially when it comes to sexual reproduction topic. *wiggles eyebrow*

And so, one fine friday with PM4-ianz sitting in class listening to teacher talking about Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).

Ms. Balvinder : The problem with ICSI is that it increased abnormalities in a child that is borned because these sperm unable to swim properly.

And as everyone try to absorb whatever was in front and said,

Vien Na : Then we can actually create a sperm track what, teacher. Put all the sperm into a track then let them race. Then, the first one to reach the finishing line will be injected into the ovum.
PM4-ianz : *ROFL*

Damn! I’m so gonna miss learning science in university.

{March 4, 2008}   malaysiakini.

Because everyone has been so absorbed with the election issue and I don’t really care because I’ve lost hope. Honestly, who wouldn’t?

Read this. It’s free for the moment. You won’t be able to read stuff like this in your local stuff except maybe The Sun which I love, love, love so much because it’s the thinest newspaper in town and it’s free. ngee. =D Newspapers aren’t exactly my daily bread, more like yearly. =p

{March 1, 2008}   greatgrandma.


Oh boy, you should have seen when I first heard from mummy that her mummy’s mummy is still alive. That that 4 years old girl, brown hair with a funny english accent after a year in Bristol trying to pronounced ‘Poh Tai’ (greatgrandma in Hakka), all the way in the car for our first meeting.

And there you were at grandaunty’s house, sitting on her chair, grabbing my hands. I was lost in words staring into the eyes of a woman three generations older than me. Afraid. The words somehow got lost, sunken somewhere beneath my throat that left me speechless. It was manners for acknowledging elderly’s presence. Mummy got furious because of my rudeness which results in me kena rotan. *sobs sobs* In the midst of crying in fear, my vision blurred by my own fat salty tears and you protecting me from mummy, the words came out. That was the first time we met.

Ever sinced then we met several times a year when grandma comes down from kampung and during your birthday celebrations where four generations gathered.

But grandma left us early, battling with cancer and I watched you cry as we convey the news to you. Yea, I miss her too. =/

As years goes by, the number of times I visited you reduced to once a year during your birthdays. Year by year, we see our family expanded until we reached 5 generations and you always remember me (somehow I was one of your favorite greatgranddaughters. ngee. =D). You even tell my mummy I’m a pretty lady. *flattered* Thanks to the eyes I inherited from my mummy which she inherited from her mummy and her mummy inherited from her mummy’s mummy.

Last year, your health started declining. Your century aged heart started to weakened, vital organs began failing and once, you almost left us. Doctor advised us to sign the DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) form because of your age unable to withstand the suffering. And they did.

Somehow, you pull it through for 3 months. I came to visit you only to find my heart broken seeing you struggling in simple matters like breathing. And you gave me your last angpau. I’ll never get to see you again.

{February 23, 2008}   Protected: p.s. i love you.

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